UPU Structure and Constitution WG - Berne

The working group on the Structure and Constitution of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) held a meeting chaired by Norway on 29 June in Berne, where the following stood out:
- Argentina presented a document comparing the UPU and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The WG decided to forward it to the ITU for updating and eventual correction; 
- Belgium presented a legal study of the UPU Regulations. The members asked for more time to study the document and eventually send comments to that country;

- The International Bureau presented a document with a number of recommendations: elimination of the compulsory rotation rule for members of the Council of Administration, limitation of the system governing reimbursement for trips by Council members to less developed countries, redefinition of the Strategic Planning Group, evaluation of the action groups? work and regrouping of all activities directly involving the ?third circle? under the Advisory Committee. These recommendations were discussed in the WG and the International Bureau was charged with including the respective comments for the next meeting;

- The International Bureua proposed a new model for the future structure of the Union, which led to an extensive discussion and comments from the various countries present. The Secretary was charged with including the suggestions made in the model to present at the next meeting.
The next meeting of this group was scheduled for 13 October in Berne, during the annual session of the Council of Administration.