Special Eurobarometer 250 - Safer Internet, European Commission, May 2006

/ Updated on 22.11.2007

Title: Download file Special Eurobarometer 250 - Safer Internethttp://europa.eu.int/information_society/activities/sip/docs/eurobarometer/eurobarometer_2005_25_ms.pdf

Summary: This report presents the findings from a survey about Safer Internet that was carried out in the twenty-five Member States of the European Union, in the two acceding countries and the two candidate countries between 7 December 2005 and 11 January 2006. The survey is part of the European Union’s Safer Internet Programme. This programme has been running since 1999, and aims to equip parents and teachers with the knowledge and tools they need to ensure Internet safety.

Author: European Commission

Date: May 2006