PT SE19 - Copenhagen

The 37th meeting of the PT SE19 group, which covers fixed service issues, was held last 21-22 November in Copenhagen.

PT SE19 has been carrying out studies on aspects of MWA (mobile wireless access) for coexistence of BWA (broadband wireless access) cells in 3.5 GHz - the assessment of co-existence between terminal stations (TS) remained to be done. The meeting saw the presentation of various studies to evaluate TS-TS compatibility in a mobile scenario, which enabled conclusion that mobility is possible in the band from 3400 to 3800 MHz. A liaison statement was thus produced for the JPT BWA group, in charge of developing BWA applications in 3.5 GHz, with the requirements needed for the existence of mobility scenarios.

To evaluate the coexistence of MGWS (multiple gigabit wireless systems) in 60 GHz, studies were identified which will have to be produced in order to assess the compatibility of such systems with the affected services. Likewise identified were the recommendations below 13 GHz for which it is proposed that 56 MHz channels be introduced, aggregating adjacent 28 MHz channels; a number of documents on this issue were considered. The changes proposed for the recommendations mean to enable the Administrations to implement, or not, the new proposed channels; this subject will be considered again at the next group meeting.