Council - 2006 Final session - Antalya

As occurs when Plenipotentiary Conferences (PP) are held, the final session of the 2006 Council meeting was held last 4 November in Antalya, Turkey, immediately before PP-2006.

That ITU Council session saw approval of the financial report for the 2004-2005 biennium and the accounts for Telecom Africa 2004 and Telecom Asia 2004. Also considered were the reports from the external auditor, the Council group on the strategy and finance plans for 2008-2011, the Council group on the financial regulation, the Council group on languages, the tripartite group (personnel, representatives of the SG and the administrations present in the Council) and the new Council oversight group (NCOG).

The Council also considered other PP06-related issues, specifically: the efficiency of the Conference (practical procedures); moving forward the calendar for announcing the definitive contribution unit; moving forward the election calendar; and, per the proposal by Argentina, changing the number of seats on the Council, for immediate effect on the elections taking place during PP06. The spending incurred by the Regional Radiocommunications Conference (RRC-06) was also examined.