Number portability - simplification of procedures

/ Updated on 27.05.2002

Upon entry into force of Decree-Law no. 133/2002, of May 14, the Regulations for the Operation of the Fixed Telephone Service and the Regulations for the Operation of Public Telecommunications Services have been altered in terms of the contract termination regime associated to number portability requests or local loop unbundling requests, or both.

In the situations therein specified, the request to terminate a contract must be presented by the subscriber/user to the new provider. The contract is terminated or altered for all legal purposes on the moment on which number portability or local loop unbundling, or both, actually takes place.

This new articulation is intended to benefit end users by simplifying the procedures inherent to the decision to change providers and thereby create mechanisms that guarantee continuous provision of the service.

The same legal diploma also attributed powers to ANACOM to determine the rules necessary for implementation of number portability and sanctionary mechanisms to apply in the event of non-compliance.