PT SE 19 - Copenhagen

/ Updated on 19.06.2007

The 39th meeting of project team PT SE19 was held last 22-23 May in Copenhagen. This PT covers issues involving fixed service (FS), such as the preparation of harmonised frequency plans for FS, studies of new FS technologies, studies of compatibility between FS and other services, and co-ordination of relevant activities with the Radiocommunications Sector of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-R).
The meeting debated the following issues: co-existence of Multiple Gigabit Wireless Systems (MGWS) at 60 GHz, error identifications in ECC Report 100 on sharing in the 3.5 GHz band, report on work progress in PT SE19 and future work for this group.

At the conclusion of this meeting the work on MGWS was deemed complete and a decision was therefore made to submit the draft ECC Report on MGWS at 60 GHz to WG SE for approval. The errors identified by Inmarsat were considered by SE 19, which will send the corrections so that WG SE can update the current ECC Report 100. The meeting reviewed and approved the draft progress report to be presented at the next group meeting, which will also examine results of the public consultation on the draft ECC Report on MGWS at 60 GHz, if same has already taken place.
The next PT SE19 meeting will be held this coming 27 August.