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/ Updated on 25.02.2008

Download file Introduction

Annex 1 - Frequency Allocation Table

Download file Frequency Allocation Table

Annex 2 - Publication of the frequency band uses

Download file Frequency bands and number of channels used in the operation of publicly available electronic communications networks and services up to 30 November 2006

Annex 3 - Reserved frequency bands

Frequency bands reserved and to be made available in 2007, for the operation of electronic communications networks and services

Download file Publicly available  (Latest update - 25.2.2008)

Download file Non-publicly available 

Annex 4 - Uses exempt from radio licensing

Spectrum uses exempt from radio licensing

Download file Network license exemption 

Download file Station license exemption

Annex 5 - Appendices

Download file Definitions

Download file Acronyms

Download file Relevant documents 

Download file Scope of DVB-T use 

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