PT Comunicações' new ADSL offer - suspension of the retail offer disclosure

/ Updated on 16.07.2003

None of the Portugal Telecom Group operators is authorized to sell or disclose any retail offers based on the new ADSL wholesale offer conditions from PT Comunicações until July 8th 2002.

This is the content of the resolution adopted by the Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (Anacom), the postal and telecom regulator in Portugal, following the confirmation that there are consistent signs of violation of the non-discrimination principle by PT Comunicações.

Furthermore, all commercial offers put to tender must immediately be suspended. This suspension shall, however, be interrupted should any operator not belonging to PT Group starts any selling or disclosure action based on PT Comunicações' wholesale offer.

Note that this offer was notified to Anacom last May 22, which was subject to a further decision because of failure to comply with the legal previous notice that should have been sent to all the remaining operators.

The deadline now established - July 8 - was considered sufficient for the launch of a retail product, by any efficient operator, which would certainly remedy the advantage situation that one of PT Group's operator - Telepac - could have, for being aware in advance of PT Comunicações' offer. The aim was also to safeguard the interests of all end users and to limit the restriction of the operators' rights to what is strictly necessary.