General and prior conditions for the negotiation of interconnection agreements

/ Updated on 15.03.2002

(Applicable to the Entities referred to in nr. 1 of article 11 of Decree-Law nr. 415/98 dated December 31st)

I. Requisites related to the process of the negotiation of interconnection agreements and to the publication of and access to interconnection agreements

The interested parties must inform ICP of the commencement of the process of negotiation of each interconnection agreement and respective conclusion, providing ICP with a complete copy of each agreement within 10 days of the date of conclusion of the negotiation process.

II. Requisites related to the points of interconnection and to the offer of shared resouces

The following information must be provided for those entities requiring inter-connection:
(a) identification of the Points of Interconnection (POIs) (geographic location, present state);
(b) list of the points available for interconnection and characteristics of the same and
(c) conditions of offer restrictions.

III. Requisites related to the management of traffic and the of network and to the description of the interconnections to be offered

Whenever possible the following aspects must be specified:

  • The different interconnection services offered, for example: call termination, call origination, transit, conveyance of international outgoing and incoming traffic;
  • Definition of the operator to whom the traffic belongs and whose responsibility it is to define the prices to be paid by the final user and proceed with the respective invoicing;
  • The interconnection prices, the method of establishing the prices practised and the quality of service offered.
IV. Requisites related to the interconnection technical standards of interconnection and interoperability tests
  • The interfaces offered in the POIs must be described, including the references of the relevant technical standards (e.g., ETSI norms and/or UIT recommendations) which define the electrical and physical interface, transmission interface and signalling interface.
  • When applicable, the functionalities offered by the interface should be mentioned (calling line identification, re-routing of calls, etc.).
  • The procedures related to interoperability tests must be specified.

V. Requisites related to acess to directory services, emergency services and additional, suplementary and advanced services

It is paramount that clients of the interconnected operator be guaranteed access to the following services: operator assistance services, within the bounds of the offer made available to clients by the operator, emergency and directory services and national and international information services, where made available to clients by the operator.

VI. Requisites related to the resolution processes of legal disputes among the parties prior to requesting ICP intervention

The resolution processes of legal disputes among the parties prior to requesting ICP intervention must be explicitly detailed in order to provide early solutions.