Opinion-Gathering with regard to the change in Amateur Service legislation

/ Updated on 16.03.2004

The practical application of Decree-Law no. 5/95, of 17 January, related to the Amateur Radio-Communication Service, revealed it was necessary to update and simplify the resultant regime, be it from a technical point of view, or with regard to the administrative procedures to be observed in the access and exercise of this activity.

ICP would like to obtain comments on the various aspects which are to be regulated in the forthcoming revision of the applicable legislation, and which represent a significant change to what is currently legislated. All interested and duly identified parties can comment on these alterations by using the usual means (letter, fax or e-mail) until 7 June, to:

Instituto das Comunicações de Portugal
Av. José Malhoa 12
1090 - 017 Lisboa
Fax: +351 21 7211001

- National Amateur Certificate (CAN)

- Use of national amateur station

- Amateur categories

- Admission and continuance in amateur categories

- Amateur aptitude exams

- Attribution of special dialling codes

- Infractions

- Rates

- CAN cancellation

- CAN suspension

- CAN apprehension

- Integration

- Amateur station diary

- Circulation of data related to the amateur station