Convergence and Development Platform

/ Updated on 01.07.2003

In conjunction with the telecommunication network operators, television broadcasters, content producers, equipment manufacturers and consumer associations, ICP has created a platform which aims at generating contributions towards the re-definition of the telecommunications sector. The issue is a new model - a reflection of the change brought about by the convergence of technologies and services, with possible implications within ICP's scope and attributions as the communications regulatory body.

The Convergence and Development Platform is composed of the main players in this new technological and market reality. The aim of this forum is to create an open and participatory process, from which useful contributions may arise benefiting both the market and consumers.

Said Platform brings together three working groups, equipped to deal with the queries of consumers, operators and the industry. Together, they must draw up a series of recommendations and a plan of action for the next three years.

The working groups are open for all to participate in. The contributions must go through an opinion-gathering stage as to the future evolution of telecommunications, taking into consideration the analysis of market and product tendencies, reflecting a progressive convergence and the identification and unity of the regulatory measures which prove both suitable and necessary for the sector to develop fully.

Portugal's entry into the Digital Era involves the commitment of each and every party. ICP pledges to make every effort in order that this adjustment will benefit citizens to a maximum, when exercising their inalienable right to inform and be informed, as well as the right to participate actively in building the instruments and the means conferring a better quality of life.

All interested parties may send their contributions to the following e-mail address: