Pre-selection of Operator - Fixed Telephone Service

/ Updated on 24.03.2004

In accordance with the schedule set by the Instituto das Comunicações de Portugal (ICP) under the terms of Article 32 of Decree-Law no. 415/98, of December 31, pre-selection must be introduced by providers with direct access from July 1, 2000, onwards.

With a view to implementing that function as progressively as possible, from the user's perspective, pre-selection specification was approved by deliberation on 12/05/2000. Its principles are applied to fixed telephone service providers.

As Portugal Telecom (PT) presented great difficulties in relation to the pre-selection schedule, ICP decided to introduce a temporary modality, using autodiallers, for the period running from July 1, 2000, until the dates upon which pre-selection must be available in its definitive form, as follows:

  • October 1, 2000, in the Lisbon and Oporto urban regions;
  • November 15, 2000, throughout Portugal, with the possible exception of all or some of the regions covered by ELD telephone exchanges;
  • the dates upon which the migration of the ELD telephone exchanges takes place, if after November 15, 2000.
In the temporary pre-selection regime, PT will cover 50% of the cost of autodiallers, supplied and installed by the pre-selected providers.