Document for DECT Licensing - Fixed Wireless Access

/ Updated on 04.02.2002


The present document contains the requirements for the granting of frequencies in the 1880 - 1900 MHz band with the utilisation of DECT technology.

The granting of these frequencies shall be governed by the provisions in Decree Law nr. 381-A/97 of 30th December, conforming to a system of complete accessibility, with the exception of utilisation of the band as a complement to mobile communications systems.

The licence issued and the utilisation of the frequencies shall be governed by Decree Law nr. 381-A of 30th December and further legislation applicable to the communications sector.

The 1880-1900 MHz band shall be used as an extension or inherent part of a sole telecommunications network, with a view to offering services to the final user.

Hence, only bodies qualified for the exercise of the activity of operator of the public telecommunications network may apply for attribution of frequencies.

Businesses with licensing requests pending with the ICP (Institute of Communications of Portugal) for operators of public telecommunications network may also apply. However, granting of the frequency depends on their obtaining licensing as operators of public telecommunications networks.

The licences for the utilisation of the frequencies in the 1880 -1900 MHz band shall only be valid while allocation of the frequencies continues, under the terms of the notice published by the ICP in the Series of the 'Diário da República' (Official Gazette), nr. 144/99 (2nd Supplement) of 23rd June. The ICP may revoke the licenses when it finds non-compliance with those conditions.

The granting of the frequencies mentioned above shall be reviewed two years after the issue of the licences, taking into consideration verification of compliance with the provisions in article 24 of Decree Law nr. 381-A/97 of 30th December.

B - Procedures

The request for granting frequencies shall be accompanied by corroborative information, proving that the tenderer is a telecommunications operator by nature and meets the requirements determining granting of the frequencies in accordance with the provisions in the notice published by the ICP in Series III of the 'Diário da República' (Official Gazette) nr. 144/99 (2nd supplement) of 23rd June.

Submissions of tenders for granting of the frequencies shall take place at the head office of the ICP at Avenida José Malhoa, nr. 12 - 1070 LISBOA.


Identification of the tenderers for the frequencies in the 1880 - 1900 MHz band, assessment of the fulfilment or lack of fulfilment of the requirements and conditions shall be determined through the presentation by the tenderer of the documents mentioned in article 12 of Decree Law nr. 381-A/97 of 30th December.

Apart from the documents requested for and required under the terms of Decree Law nr. 381-A/97, the tenderers may present any other information which contributes to improved assessment of the tender.


In accordance with the provisions in article 13 of Decree Law nr. 381-A/97 and with a view to carrying out the technical analysis of the tenders for granting of licenses for the use of DECT technology in the 1880 MHz to 1900 MHz band, a list is provided of the elements to be submitted to this end. It should be noted that, while developing topics, care should be taken to clearly, unequivocally and coherently demonstrate, the development in time of the elements comprising the project, with an annual periodicity up to the 5th year and the end of the 10th and 15th year.

1. Network structure

Description shall be given of the manner in which the signal shall be carried to the first switching node and the locations of the basic stations and monitoring/management and maintenance systems. The elements shall be identified in topographical charts with the appropriate scale, with implantation of all the stations that make up the network.

2. Planning

The planning prerequisites, in terms of traffic shall be indicated. The service areas shall also be presented, with indication of the data associated to each basic station (e.g., radiation, orientation and tilt antennas, PAR), as well as the other parameters of the project.

3. Services

The services shall be enumerated, with listing of the facilities to be made available.