ANACOM to unveil revamped website

/ Updated on 04.07.2008

ANACOM is launching its new website tomorrow, 04 July, with a new graphic look and increased functionality. Meanwhile, the solutions used in the new website reflect the implementation of accessibility and usability requirements, with the aim of serving all users, including, naturally, users with special needs.

In graphical terms, the website has a new image with a suitable selection of colours.  The text version will be maintained and was created with an option for a high contrast view in both the graphic and text version.  At the top of each piece of content there is an option to send the article by email, as well to increase or reduce the size of the text, to easily and conveniently cite pages from the site or automatically generate PDF files from the XHTML content.

In terms of new technologies and functions, the new site includes semantic classification and the highlighting of tags, derived from a more interactive and dynamic internet model. With respect to semantic classification, the metadata system will allow the classification of the information available online. It will then be possible to obtain information on the semantic data using the “Show metadata” link, available for each piece of classified content.  In some cases there will be a list of up to 15 basic elements available, offering extra information on the resources, including a description summary and data on the author, source and publisher.  With regard to the metadata system, using the “Tags” filter from advanced search, it will be possible to see all the key terms which make up the taxonomy of the website, allowing an immediate picture of the relationships of a determined piece of content with one or more terms, from the dimension of the source in which the term is registered.

In terms of support services, a search solution will be provided, supported by the well known Google brand, which, through the “Advanced Search” tool, will allow users to rapidly perform search operations.  There will be connections between selected technical terms and the ANACOM glossary, a function that has been frequently requested by users. 

Furthermore, a calendar tool will allow users check the dates of national and international events quickly and intuitively, while from the description of each event it will possible to look up its location using Google Maps or Via Michelin, or to add the event to the user’s personal calendar on Outlook.

ANACOM will continue to advance with the migration of content in order to ensure that twenty percent is included in the new graphic and editorial paradigm by the end of 2008.

Meanwhile, an additional alternative version is planned for this year, optimised for browsing with mobile equipment, which until then can be done using the text version.