24th Universal Postal Union Congress

The 24th Congress of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), which is taking place in Geneva, Switzerland from 23 July to 12 August 2008, will be attended by over 1500 delegates representing the 191 member countries of the organisation, as well as observers and invitees.

Even though the main function of the Congress is legislative, as the highest body of UPU, it has recently tended to deliberate wider strategic and policy questions. As such the 24th Congress will adopt a new World Postal Strategy, which will set out guidelines for all member countries and for the bodies of the UPU over the four year period elapsing until the next Congress.

Besides the adoption of the World Postal Strategy, the debate will cover: (i) budgetary questions for the next four years, (ii) matters connected to the organic restructuring of the two Councils of the Union; (iii); the alteration of the terminology of the UPU Acts; (iv) the adoption of the new system of terminal dues; (v) cost orientated tariffs; and (vi) the new wording of the Postal Payment Services Agreement.

As usual, during the meeting of this supreme body of the Union, elections will be held for the posts of Director General and Vice-Director General, with the expected re-election, respectively, of Edouard Dayan and Guozhong Huang. Further elections will the held for the member of the two Councils, with the number of places to be allocated following criteria of geographical representation and levels of economic development.

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Universal Postal Unionhttp://www.upu.int/

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