ECSI Portugal 2007

The results have been published of ECSI Portugal 2007 - Índice Nacional de Satisfação do Cliente (National Customer Satisfaction Index), which covers the communications sector (specifically, fixed and mobile network services, Internet access, cable television and the postal service). This part of the study, unlike in previous years, received the exclusive sponsorship of ANACOM.

The ECSI project is a system for measuring the quality of goods and services available on the national market according to customer satisfaction.  It has been conducted, since 1999, by a team consisting of the Portuguese Association for Quality (APQ), the Portuguese Quality Institute (IPQ) and the Higher Institute of Statistics and Information Management of Universidade Nova de Lisboa (ISEGI-UNL), covering other areas besides the communications sector, such as banking, insurance, fuel, bottled gas and passenger transport (metropolitan areas of Lisbon and Porto).

Regarding the changes seen in the levels of customer satisfaction, compared to the ECSI study of 2006, satisfaction with the mobile network was found to be significantly lower, while satisfaction levels for other sectors were generally higher, although not to a statistically significant degree. These changes might potentially be put down to consumers becoming increasingly demanding with respect to services.

The companies studied in the communications sector included PT Comunicações and other fixed network operators, Optimus, Vodafone and TMN, TV Cabo and other cable television operators, Internet access service providers and CTT.

Without prejudice to the sponsorship and active participation in support of the execution of this study, the conclusions and recommendations presented therein are the entire and exclusive responsibility of ISEGI-UNL and do not necessarily represent any position of this Authority.

''National customer satisfaction index'' - ECSI Portugal 2007 - communications sector, ISEGI-UNL, APQ and IPQ, June 2008

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