Impact of next generation networks (NGN) on the market - study

The study on the impact of next generation networks (NGN) on the electronic communications market in Portugal, which was carried out by Ovum Consulting at the request of ANACOM, is now available.

The document is divided into 13 chapters, covering issues such as the characterisation of existing networks in Portugal, NGN in the international context, the characterisation of demand for NGN based services, costs and investments, co-installation of operators, impact on info-inclusion, interconnection models, impact on the assessment of costs from a regulatory point of view, impact of the conditions of access to buildings, analysis of NGN profitability and recommendations.

It should be emphasised that, while the study carried out by Ovum was made at the request and with the involvement of this Authority, it does not necessarily reflect the position of ANACOM with respect to any of the subjects covered. Contributions to this study were made by various providers of electronic communication services.

It is moreover a contribution towards reflection and debate on the issues connected to the implementation conditions of NGN in Portugal, complementing other actions being directed by ANACOM.

Further information:

Study on the impact of next generation networks on the market, Ovum Consulting, June 2008