CEPT decisions adopted in Portugal

By determination of 13 August 2008, the Portuguese Administration - represented by ANACOM - approved the adoption of six decisions taken by the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT), developed within the Electronic Communications Committee (ECC), on:

GSM-R (private digital railway radio systems)

  • ECC/DEC/(02)05 - Decision of 5 July 2002 on the designation and availability of frequency bands for railway purposes in the 876-880 and 921-925 MHz bands;

IMT - 2000/UMTS (international mobile telecommunications systems)

  • ECC/DEC/(05)05 - Decision of 18 March 2005, on harmonised utilisation of spectrum for IMT-2000/UMTS systems operating within the band 2500-2690 MHz;

MCA (mobile communication services on aircraft )

  • ECC/DEC/(06)07 - Decision of 1 December 2006 on the harmonised use of airborne GSM systems in the frequency bands 1710-1785 and 1805-1880 MHz;

UWB (ultra-wideband technology)

  • ECC/DEC/(06)08 - Decision of 1 December 2006 on the conditions for use of the radio spectrum by Ground- and Wall- Probing Radar (GPR/WPR) imaging systems;
  • ECC/DEC/(06)12 - ECC Decision of 1 December 2006 on the harmonised conditions for devices using Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology with Low Duty Cycle (LDC) in the frequency band  3.4-4.8 GHz;
  • ECC/DEC/(07)01 - ECC Decision of 30 March 2007 on Building Material Analysis (BMA) devices using UWB technology.