Cable television service evolution - 2nd quarter 2002

/ Updated on 06.06.2003

The number of subscribers of cable television service amounted to 1.203 million at the end of the 2nd quarter 2002, according to data disclosed by Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANACOM).

This amount  of customers represents a 17% growth as compared to the same period in 2001 and a 4% growth as compared to the 1st quarter 2002. This variation is the result of 170 thousand new subscribers engaged between the 2nd quarters 2001 and 2002 and 47 thousand new subscribers between the 1st and the 2nd quarters of this year.

Lisbon and Tagus Valley is the region that contributed most to the number of customers of these services with 55% of the national total. Alentejo and Algarve are the regions that have the highest growth rates.

At the end of the 2nd quarter 2002, 64% of the total amount of houses in Portugal was cabled, which means 3.2 million households.  Cabled is defined as the household that has the conditions to access the cable television service. Out of these cabled houses, 38% received in fact the cable television service.

Taking into account the total universe of houses in Portugal, the percentage that in fact receives the service amounts to 24%.

Cable television service - Subscribers by Regions
Regions 2nd Quarter 2002 

(in thousands)

Growth (%)
Quarter Last
12 months
North 272 4 21
Centre 115 4 22
Lisbon and Tagus Valley 669 4 14
Alentejo and Algarve 64 13 47
Azores and Madeira 83 2 9
Total 1.203 4 17

In June 2002, the total amount of DTH - Direct To Home (satellite) technology subscribers, an alternative to the cable infrastructure for distribution of television signal, reached 256 thousand, which corresponds to a 47% growth as compared to the figures registered in June 2001.

About one third (32%) of subscribers who access the service through satellite technology live in the Northern region, followed by Lisbon and Tagus Valley with 24% and the Centre with 21%.