Quality of mobile voice service in Lisbon and Porto

/ Updated on 13.11.2008

The latest report has been released evaluating the quality of the mobile voice service in the areas of Lisbon and Porto. Prepared by ANACOM, the report includes the evaluation of the quality of the voice mobile service supported over GSM in the light of automatic GSM/UMTS selection provided by the operators TMN, Vodafone and Sonaecom (Optimus) in the areas of Greater Lisbon and Greater Porto and along the main Lisbon-Porto road.

In this study, the ground measurements for which took place in May and June 2008, five indicators were analysed: network coverage (GSM and WCDMA / UMTS); service accessibility; time taken to establish calls; call termination rate; and call audio quality.

In total, 3,658 test calls were made and 443,920 measurements taken of radio signal levels, representing over 30 hours of measurements over 1,597 kilometres.

In terms of results, it was found that the voice service offers good performance levels with minor differences between the GSM and automatic GSM / UMTS selection, although a decline was seen in the indicator for "service accessibility". The networks in question also showed good levels of radio coverage in urban areas. With respect to the main Lisbon-Porto road, the measurements taken showed good coverage indices for the GSM network and, conversely, some areas with poor coverage for services supported by WCDMA (UMTS).

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