New electronic communications service of Radiomóvel

ANACOM has approved, by determination of 29 October 2008, the draft decision on the provision of a new nomadic broadband service by Radiomóvel - Telecomunicações.

This preliminary decision has been adopted following the presentation of a notice by the company on the commencement of provision of a new data transmission service, the nomadic broadband service, in respect of which ANACOM conducted an examination in terms of frequency use and transparency of user information, whereby it was decided as follows:

1. To permit the use of the 450 MHz SMRP-CDMA frequencies of Radiomóvel on the local access network for the provision of the nomadic use broadband service by the company provided that the following conditions are observed:

a) Access to services should be ensured through a terminal connected to a single pre-determined BTS when sessions / communications are made, received and maintained;
b) In exceptional cases, where technically justified and recognized as such by ANACOM,  a terminal may be associated with two, or at most three, pre-determined BTS;
c) The restrictions contained in the previous paragraph shall be enacted within a maximum period of 10 days following the activation of the service.

2. To order Radiomóvel to submit to ANACOM, within 15 working days following the final determination, the description of the technical process leading to the selection of BTS in respect of the nomadic use broadband service.

3. To order Radiomóvel to provide end users with clear and transparent information on the features of the nomadic use Broadband service, explaining in particular the following:

a) Guarantee that the service is provided only in areas corresponding to the HotSpots defined for the service;
b) The nomadic nature of the service;
c) Any indoor accessibility limitations.

This draft decision was submitted to the prior hearing of RADIOMÓVEL, under the terms of Code of Administrative Procedure, as well as the general consultation procedure in accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 20 of Law no. 5/2004 of 10 February, whereby interested parties have a period of 10 working days in which to comment. Accordingly, in respect of this procedure, written comments may be submitted by 25 November 2008, in paper support, sent to ANACOM, or electronically, to In releasing the results of the consultation, ANACOM guarantees that comments which respondents expressly consider as confidential will be withheld.

The effective provision of this service by RADIOMÓVEL remains subject to the decision due to be taken upon the conclusion of the consultation procedures set out above.

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