Quality of service - CTT in 2005

ANACOM decided on 13 November 2008 to conduct a prior hearing of CTT - Correios de Portugal with respect to the Report to be published by this Authority on the results of the control perfumed on the quality levels of the services offered by CTT in 2005.

This decision is encompassed by the Quality Convention of the Universal Postal Service, agreed between ANACOM, as regulator of the postal sector, and CTT, as provider of the universal postal service, on 20 January 2004. This Convention establishes and publishes the parameters and minimum levels of quality of services associated with the provision of the universal service in 2005. The Convention is also derived from the Base Law of Postal Services, which charges ANACOM with ensuring, independently from the provider of the universal service (CTT), control of the levels of quality of service offered. The results of this work are published in reports at least once a year.

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