RIO 2009 - Alterations

By determination of 4 December 2008, ANACOM has approved a draft decision on the conditions of the RIO 2009 (reference interconnection offer to prevail in 2009), which shall be submitted to a prior hearing of interested parties, under articles 100 and 101 of the Code of Administrative Procedure.

In line with this draft decision, PT Comunicações (PTC) must amend the RIO 2009 as regards a number of aspects concerning chargeable maximum prices (for porting of numbers, pre-selection activation and interconnection of calls made from PTC's public pay phones), which will be applied as from 1 January 2009. Other alterations concern also the fact that costs of the billing and charging service (in the scope of the RIO) must be submitted on an annual basis, together with data on the regulatory costing results; on the other hand, specific conditions for the 708xy range must be included in annex 5 of the RIO (retail prices and interconnection conditions).

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