International Presence - updated information

The Sector

See updated information on the latest meetings that ANACOM has attended:


European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations

Meeting of the spectrum monitoring group WGFM PT22 - Budva

Working Group on ITU Issues (WG ITU) - Geneva

European Telecommunications Standards Institute

ETSI General Assembly - Nice

Independent Regulators Group

Meeting of International Roaming project team - Barcelona

IRG Contact Network meeting - Brussels

International Telecommunication Union

Study Group - SG 4 (Satellite Services) - WP 4B - Geneva

Meeting of Working Party 5C of the Study Group 5 - Geneva

Second meeting of the group of experts for preparing WTPF-09 - Geneva

ITU Council - Geneva 

Meeting of Working Party 6A of Study Group 6 - Geneva 

Universal Postal Union

Joint CA/POC meeting - Berne