Levels of quality of service provided by CTT in 2005

ANACOM approved on 17 December 2008 the report on the results of the monitoring of levels of quality of service provided by CTT - Correios de Portugal, S.A. (CTT) in 2005, which shall be issued and published by this Authority.

This decision has been taken in compliance with the Universal Postal Service Quality Convention, concluded on 20 January 2004 between ANACOM, being the postal sector regulatory body, and CTT, as universal postal service provider, which established and published the parameters and minimum levels of quality of service for the provision of the universal postal service in 2005. It follows also from the Postal Services Basic Law, which requires ANACOM to ensure independently from the universal postal provider (CTT) the monitoring of the levels of quality of service actually provided, results achieved being included in a report to be published at least once every year.

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