Capacity-based interconnection

By determination of 23 December 2008, ANACOM approved a draft decision (DD) on the capacity-based interconnection offer, which will be submitted to a prior hearing of interested parties.

In its decision of 16 May 2008, on RIO 2008 conditions, ANACOM was of the opinion that data submitted by PT Comunicações (PTC) in its reply to the DD of 19 March should be presented in more detail, and further relevant information should be provided, deeming however that it was not appropriate to change the current theoretical model.

ANACOM took also the view that the high increase of prices of the capacity-based interconnection modality, as proposed by PTC (78%) should not be introduced without a more in-depth analysis of the issue. For this reason, this DD was adopted, maintaining the theoretical model to determine capacity-based interconnection prices and gradually updating traffic minutes per month per each basic unit of capacity of 2 Mbps.