Electronic communications infrastructure records


Conclusions of the Public Consultation, launched on 3 September 2007, on the development of an electronic communications infrastructure records system

Considering the developments occurred regarding the establishment of the regime applying to the construction of infrastructures able to host electronic communications networks, to the installation of electronic communications networks, and to the construction of telecommunication infrastructure in allotments, house developments, condominiums and buildings, ICP-ANACOM's Board of Directors hereby approves the following conclusions to the consultation procedure on the development of an electronic communications infrastructure records system:


1. That the analyses carried out and the contributions received in this domain were taken into account for the relevant procedures, namely for the Public Consultation on Next Generation Networks;

2. That is was decided by the Council of Ministers, on Resolution no. 120/2008 of 30 July, to define ''the promotion of the investment on next generation networks as a strategic priority for the Country'', and, in this context, to ask ICP-ANACOM, under its statutory powers, to propose to the Government, ''namely considering (…) the results of the public consultation carried out by ICP-ANACOM in September 2007 on the development of an infrastructure records system, the specific measures to be adopted, legislative or otherwise, in order to guarantee the open and efficient access by all operators to the duct network and the remaining relevant infrastructure of all entities holding that type of underground infrastructure, for the installation of next generation networks'';

3. That, on 6 March 2009, a public consultation was launched regarding a Decree-Law defining the regime applying to the construction, access and installation of electronic communications networks and infrastructure (Next Generation Networks, NGN) and containing ''a set of provisions aimed at ensuring open access to the infrastructure already existing and to be built and which, due to its own characteristics, is able to host electronic communications networks'';

4. It is foreseen, in this context, that ICP-ANACOM will be responsible for the conception, management and maintenance of a Centralized Information System (CIS), besides the obligations of the public entities and companies to keep records of all their infrastructures which are able to host electronic communications networks, as well as to implement speedy and non-discriminatory procedures for replying to information requests by the electronic communications companies regarding those infrastructures.

The purpose of this Consultation is accomplished and the current process is therefore closed.