Consultation on annex 6 of NFAP

By determination of 25 March 2009, ANACOM has approved the draft revision of the National Frequency Allocation Plan (Quadro Nacional de Atribuição de Frequências) which is currently in force (NFAP 2008), including a new Annex 6, containing the frequency bands and respective conditions of use for the different amateur categories, beyond the status of amateur and amateur satellite services.

As such, Article 15 of Decree-Law no. 53/2009 of 2 March, which defines the rules applicable to amateur and amateur satellite services, establishes that the frequency bands allocated to these services and the conditions of use for each amateur category, including the respective radiation intensity, are established and published in the NFAP.

Given the significant impact on the market resulting from the introduction of annex 6 in the NFAP 2008, this annex will be submitted to the general consultation procedure pursuant to article 8 of Law of Electronic Communications, in respect of which a period of 20 working days has been established for interested parties to submit their comments.

Comments should be sent, preferably by e-mail to Endereço electró, by the deadline of 29 April 2009.

Once the consultation process is concluded, the responses given will be published on this website, whereby interested parties should clearly indicate any items considered confidential.