5. What do I have to do to request portability for my number?

You should contact the provider you want to switch to. This provider is responsible for the whole process, including the sending of the portability request to your current provider.

The portability request entails the termination of the contract concerning the number(s) to be ported with the current operator, and the conclusion of a new contract with the new operator. While the portability process is dealt with directly through the new operator, the subscriber remains responsible for checking their situation with the current operator, including:

  • whether or not their contract is subject to a minimum  lock-in period, which may entail payment of a penalty where the contract is terminated early; 
  • whether or not their equipment is blocked (mobile phone or USB  PEN) and tied to the network of the current operator - this means that payment may be required before this equipment can be used to access the new operator's network.

When making your request you should:

  • present an identification document (identity card, Citizen Card), whether a post-paid or a pre-paid service is concerned, as well as other documents that are required by the new operator (such as, in the case of companies, documents attesting to the power to sign the portability request); and
  • indicate the portability validation code (PVC) of the ported number(s).

The new operator will provide:

  • a form that can be used for the new contract and to cancel the contract with your former operator, and also to transfer your number to the new operator; or 
  • or two separate documents, one for the subscription and the other for the termination.

Portability requests only entail cancelling the service associated with the number to be ported. Where the subscriber intends to cancel all services included in a bundle, they should contact their operator to request their cancellation.