6. How long do I have to wait for the number to be ported?

The deadline for the completion of number portability is 1 working day. This period is counted from the time that the portability request is presented to the new provider, duly accompanied by the necessary elements. This deadline has the following exceptions:

1. when a longer deadline has been requested or agreed upon;

2. when it is the portability of an MSN number (multiple ISDN numbers) or DDI number (PABX extension blocs), that implies the need to request configuration and active numbers from the new operator to the former operator;

3. whenever the change of operator to which the portability is related requires physical intervention on the network that supports the service to be provided, or when access to that network is not available;

4. when the marketing of services for which portability was requested takes place through a distance contract or an off-premises contract (such as doorstep selling).

In cases 2 and 4 portability should occur within no more than 3 working days, and in option 3 it should take place within one working day after the physical intervention is concluded or the access to that network is made available.

In the case of portability requests or of physical intervention on the network that take place after 5 pm on a working day, the calculation of the time limit does not begin until the following working day.