19. How do I know if I'm calling a ported number?

It is not possible from the number alone (or the number's first digits) to know if it was ported, given that the number remains unchanged further to the portability process, although the operator's network is not the same.

As such, if your tariff system does not include prices for mobile-to-mobile calls that are the same to all networks, the call to a ported number could be more expensive as the network has changed, thus it could be useful to know in advance the network you are calling.

In case you wish to hear a free message, when making a call from your mobile phone to a ported mobile number, providing information on the operator to whom the called number belongs, you must expressly make a request for this purpose to your operator. The activation of the warning is free of charge and may take place at any time.

The recorded message made available (upon request) is as follows: "Aviso: está a ligar para um assinante que agora pertence à [nome do novo operador]. Aguarde." "Warning: you are calling a subscriber who now belongs to [name of new operator]. Please wait."

If you wish to stop hearing the recorded message when you call ported numbers, you are also required to contact your operator, the deactivation of the warning being also free of charge.

Click herehttps://www.anacom.pt/render.jsp?contentId=235663 to check more information on how to hear (or stop hearing) the warning of calls made to a ported number.

For more information, contact your operator.