13. After arriving in another country in the European Economic Area (EEA), how can I get information about the cost of roaming communications (voice calls, SMS, MMS, Internet access, etc.)?

Upon arrival in another EEA country1 you should receive a free message from your operator with basic personalised pricing information on:

  • the cost of roaming communications in these countries (including VAT);
  • a Freephone number which you can call to get detailed information on the prices of SMS, MMS, voice calls and other data communications;
  • accessing emergency services free of charge, by calling 112;
  • information on the Fair Use Policy (FUP) - if applicable - to which the customer is subject in the European Union and on applicable surcharges where this FUP has been exceeded;
  • information on any surcharges which may apply.


1 European Unsion countries and Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.