6. How do I know if I am calling a number of the same provider?

On the fixed telephone service, the provider’s identification is difficult, since the number does not show clear elements for that identification. However, ANACOM publishes the given to the several local access providers.

In the mobile telephone service, the first two digits of each number normally identify the network to which the number belongs. However, this ceases to happen when the mobile number is ported to another network, since the first two digits will remain unchanged.

In order to solve this difficulty, and following ANACOM’s decision of 27/02/03, since 30 June 2003 mobile network users began to be informed by their providers every time they make a national voice call to a number that was ported to another mobile network. This notice - which informs the user about the new network to which the dialled number belongs - is free, and takes the form of a message heard at the beginning of each call to a ported mobile number. According to the Portability Regulationhttps://www.anacom.pt/render.jsp?contentId=419227, after 2 September 2005 (i.e., 10 working days after the publication of this diploma) the content of this notice should be as follows: “Warning: You are calling a subscriber that now belongs to […]. Please hold”.

This obligation concerns only mobile operators and applies only to national voice calls between mobile networks. Therefore, the notice will not be heard on national calls directed to geographical numbers, to free call numbers, (started with 800), to other special numbers (numbers started with 808, 809, 707, 708 and 760, namely), to roaming calls where there is the use of national mobile networks by subscribers of foreign mobile providers and every time that the subscriber requests it (please refer to question 7).