8. When I call a ported number, will I pay a different price from the one that was in force before portability?

The price of calls to ported numbers, both in the fixed network and in the mobile network, may be different or not from the one in force before the portability of the number you wish to call. This depends entirely on the tariffs used by your fixed or mobile provider.

In order to give users the possibility to know the price of calls to ported numbers, the providers of the public fixed-line telephone service and of the mobile telephone service that have tariff plans that might imply that a call to a ported number is more expensive than before portability, must, under the terms of the Portability Regulationhttps://www.anacom.pt/render.jsp?contentId=419227, maintain a telephone service with information on the price of voice calls, data calls and short messages for ported numbers.

These information services must have the capacity to identify the call’s destination network about which the subscriber wants tariff information, should such identification be necessary for a correct provision of that information.

When companies choose to maintain the same prices of calls for ported numbers as before portability, subscribers and consumers must be informed about the existence of this rule, which must be detailed, namely in their tariff plans.