21st ANACOM Seminar - ''Communications Industries: Consumer Markets and Consumer Strategy''

14.05.2009 SANA Malhoa Hotel, Lisboa

Updated on 14.05.2009

The 21st ANACOM seminar saw the presentation ''Communications Industries: Consumer Markets and Consumer Strategy'' 1 by Marek Havrda, of Health and Consumer Protection Directorate-General, European Commission. The seminar took place in Lisbon's SANA Malhoa Hotel on 14 May, at 11.30 am.

The invited speaker presented different consumer related issues, such as: consumer markets scorecard (prices, satisfaction, complaints, switching); evidence based approach; impact assessment; complaint harmonization work; behavioral economics; remarks on regulation and economic crisis.

1 This presentation is the exclusive responsibility of its author and does not necessarily represent or is in any way binding upon the position of ANACOM.


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