5. I live in a DTH zone (satellite reception), what do I need to get access to DTT?

First of all, confirm that you live in an area with satellite reception - call 800 200 838 (freephone) or check on the DTT Website https://tdt.telecom.pt/.

In some areas of the country, coverage is provided by satellite. This is because, in technical terms, it is virtually impossible and economically unfeasible to cover 100 percent of the population using terrestrial transmissions (given use of a single frequency network). As a result, provision was made that a percentage of the population would be given access to the service using satellite (DTH), as long as the conditions provided were comparable to the terrestrial access provided to populations living in "DTT zones".

If you are in an area with satellite coverage, you will need to acquire a DTH kit in order to be able to continue receiving television, available from points of sale appointed by MEO - Serviços de Comunicações e Multimédia in municipalities with satellite coverage http://tdt.telecom.pt/Documents/suporte/equipamentos/lista-pontos-venda-tdt-complementar.pdf. The DTH kit includes a DTH set-top box, a remote control, connection cables and a smartcard.

In certain situations, you can request your equipment by writing to the following address:

Apartado 1501
EC Devesas (Vila Nova de Gaia)
4401-901 Vila Nova de Gaia

The DTH set-top box is connected in the same way as DTT set-top boxes: connect the cable from the satellite dish to the set-top box and then connect the set-top box to your television set using a SCART or HDMI cable. The channels are tuned automatically and you can then start using the remote control that comes with the set-top box.

For further information, consult the DTT Website https://tdt.telecom.pt/.