8. Do I need a set-top box to watch DTT?

If you have a simple television set (analogue) or an integrated digital television that can only decode video in MPEG2 format, then you will need an external set-top box.

When choosing a set-top box, make sure it meets the following characteristics:

  • it is compatible with DVB-T; 
  • it is compatible with the MPEG4/H.264 standard; 
  • it is able to decode HD (high definition), if you want to watch HD television in the future.

In areas covered by alternative means to DTT (e.g., satellite - areas of DTH reception), check with MEO - Serviços de Comunicações e Multimédia, by calling 800 200 838 (freephone) or checking the DTT Website https://tdt.telecom.pt/, since the equipment needed is different from the equipment indicated above, used for terrestrial DTT reception.

There are 3 types of set-top boxes:

  • Basic set-top box (Zapper Box) - only gives access to the DTT service, without any additional features. These boxes can be of two types:

    - SD Zapper Box - only provides access in standard definition and not in high definition, even if your television set is HD capable;

    - HD Zapper Box - Provides access to standard definition and high definition services. However, to watch high-definition, you also need an HDMI interface to connect to your television set and, of course, an HD television set.
  • Interactive Decoder - provides the basic functions of a set-top box and also provides access to interactive applications.
  • PVR Decoder (Personal Video Recorder) - set-top box that can be used to record programmes; can be of two types:

    - using an integrated hard disc;

    - or through a connection to an interface with external storage.