14. What do I need to watch DTT in high definition (HD)?

It is not essential to have DTT reception equipment that supports high definition, but it is recommended.

According to the DTT model adopted in Portugal, free-to-air channels will be broadcast in standard definition (SD) with shared transmission of these channels in high definition (HD). However, the current transmission capacity of the DTT service is not yet sufficient for all programmes to be broadcast in high definition simultaneously. Much greater transmission capacity is needed to transmit a programme in high definition than to transmit the same programme in standard definition.

On the other hand, technological developments indicate that, in the future, transmission will be high definition only.

To access DTT in high definition, you will need to have an integrated digital television set or an external set-top box capable of high definition decoding.

You will also need to have a television set which is high definition ready, i.e. with a minimum vertical resolution of 720 lines (720p). These televisions are identified with the label "HD Ready" or "Full HD", the latter corresponding to a vertical resolution of 1080 lines.

If you have or you plan to acquire reception equipment that only supports standard (SD) definition transmissions, you could be left unable to access DTT services if transmissions become exclusively HD.

For further information, consult the DTT Website https://tdt.telecom.pt/.