Adaptation of the NNP to message-based valued added services


Final decision on the adaptation of the NNP to the amendment made to Decree-Law no. 177/99, of 21 May, by Decree-Law no. 63/2009, of 10 March

Taking into consideration the analysis of the prior consultation report, which is an integral part hereof, in particular the following aspects:

  • Most companies have to deal with technical constraints as regards the implementation of message-based valued added services via numbers with a 6-digit length;

  • Decree-Law no. 63/2009, of 10 March, which amends Decree-Law no. 177/99, of 21 May, determines in paragraph 2 of article 4 that ''Providers of services referred to in the preceding paragraph shall use new codes within 90 days from the date of assignment'';

  • These constraints may be overcome by updating the services' support platforms, however this update is feasible only within one year, not within 90 days;

  • Most companies took the view that it would not be possible to alter platforms within the specified deadline, and indicated that a 5-digit number approach was to be preferred;

  • Some replies assessed the accommodation of service identification codes in range ''6'', but none assessed the specific codes defined in the draft decision;

  • Several companies put forward the possibility of an initial solution based on 5-digit numbers, which could migrate to a 6-digit number solution to ensure an additional numbering capacity;

ANACOM decided to reflect in its final decision the conclusions that result from the report analysis, by amending point 2 of its draft decision, thereby meeting concerns expressed by companies and safeguarding  future NNP additional capacity.

Therefore, the Board of Directors of ICP – ANACOM, under the powers granted to it by paragraph 1 f) and m) of article 6 and point b) of article 26, all from its Statutes, approved by Decree-Law no. 309/2001 of 7 December, and pursuant to and for the purposes of article 8 of Decree-Law no. 177/99 of 21 May, as amended by Decree-Law no. 63/2009 of 10 March, hereby determines as follows:

1. To create the following codes in the NNP for message-based value added services, blocking sub-range “0” for migration purposes:

(i) ''61'' for services aimed at collecting donations subject to a different tax regime;

(ii) ''62'' for services that imply sending more than one message or sending periodic and continuous messages, with an added price per message;

(iii) ''69'' for services declared as being of an erotic or sexual nature;

(iv) ''68'' for other message-based value added services that do not fall within the previous points of this paragraph;

2. To establish a total and unique number length of 5 digits for identification of the service by the end user, for the period of at least one year from the date hereof.

3. To establish that all providers, support operators and general market shall be notified at least 6 months in advance of the date as from which a total and unique number length of 6 digits is to be adopted, for identification of the service by the end user.

4. To grant rights of use for numbers, in blocs of 10 numbers or number by number, up to a maximum of 5 individual numbers in sub-range ''9'' - ''619'', ''629'', ''699'', ''689'' - according to the preference stated by the service providers through three options, further to the provider’s duly filled registry.

5. To subject the rights of use for numbers to the following conditions:

(i) Those stemming from Decree-Law no. 177/99 of 21 May, and its amendments, particularly Decree-Law no. 63/2009 of 10 March, which establishes the conditions associated to services' offer;

(ii) The effective and efficient use of numbers, exclusively by the provider to whom they were granted;

(iii) The payment of fees due for the allocation and use of rights of use for numbers, provided for in Administrative Rule no. 1473-B/2008, of 17 December, and its amendments, particularly Administrative Rule no. 567/2009, of 27 May.


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