Administrative Rule no. 31/2008, of 11 of January

/ Updated on 11.09.2009

Ministérios das Finanças e da Administração Pública e das Obras Públicas, Transportes e Comunicações(Ministry of Finance and Public Administration and Public Works, Transport and Communications)

Administrative Rule

Having regard to the provisions of the Statutes of ICP - Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações, ICP-ANACOM in abbreviated form, approved by Decree-Law no. 309/2001, of 7 December, where appropriate, as well as the concrete guidance defined in Administrative Rule no. 1534-A/2002, of 23 December, and taking due account of net results for the financial year 2006, of an amount of €8,767,426, and weighting the need to maintain in the balance sheet of the Authority the appropriate financial resources to tackle the formation of its statutory capital:


The Government, through its Ministers of State and for Finance and for Public Works, Transports and Communications, hereby orders the following:

Sole article
Application of the 2006 results

1 - The net results for the financial year 2006 of ICP-ANACOM, shall be applied as follows:

a) 85%, to the amount of €7,452,312, shall be a source of public revenue, the respective amount being deposited at the Treasury coffers up to 31 December 2007;

b) 15%, to the amount of €1,315,114, shall be transferred to the heading ''Special reserves - Investment''.

2 - The amendment of the budget of ICP-ANACOM, in the expense heading, to the amount mentioned in point a) of the preceding paragraph is hereby approved, no other procedure being required thereto

21 December 2007.

The Minister of State and for Finance, Fernando Teixeira dos Santos. - The Minister for the Public Works, Transports and Communications, Mário Lino Soares Correia.