Joint Ministerial Order no. 987/2001, of 31 of October

Ministérios do Equipamento Social e da Cultura (Minister of Social Equipment and Culture)


The joint ministerial order no. 863/2001, of June 26 of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Social Equipment, launched the convergence and regulation initiative, whose dynamisation and co-ordination is the joint responsibility of the Presidents of the Instituto das Comunicações de Portugal (ICP) and the Instituto da Comunicação Social/ Institute for the Media (ICS).

This initiative includes the collection and analysis of contributions from a group of individuals of recognised merit and experience in the communications and media sectors, to be designated by a joint ministerial order of the respective ministries, that shall formulate its observations and contributions by December 31, 2001.

Under these terms, the following individuals are designated as members of the group referred to in point 2 of ministerial order no. 863/2001:

Artur José Azevedo Castro Neves.
Diana Marina Dias Andringa.
Diogo José Fernandes Homem de Lucena.
Duarte Paulo Teixeira de Azevedo.
Manuel Jorge Rocha Pedroso de Lima.
Maria Luísa Duarte.
Raul Manuel Gouveia Bordalo Junqueiro.

October 8, 2001. - Minister of Social Equipment, Eduardo Luís Barreto Ferro Rodrigues. - Minister of Culture, Augusto Ernesto Santos Silva.