Notice of 09.03.2004, published on 24 of March

Ministério da Economia (Ministry of Economy)

Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (National Communications Authority)


Pursuant to paragraph 1 of article 120 of Law no. 5/2004, of 10 February - Law of Electronic Communications - ICP - National Communications Authority (ANACOM) is bound to make available and update a set of information as would contribute to an open and competitive market, in particular:

Application of the regulatory framework that results from Law no. 5/2004, of 10 February;

Consultation procedures in course on the terms of articles 8 and 57 of Law no. 5/2004, of 10 February, as well as the result of concluded procedures, except for confidential information;

Rights, conditions, procedures, fees and decisions on general authorizations and rights of use;

Transfer of rights of use;

Register of undertakings providing electronic communications networks and services;

Obligations imposed on undertakings pursuant to Chapters III and IV of Title IV, identifying the respective markets, safeguarding confidential information or information concerning business confidentiality;

Information on rights in the scope of the universal service, including those provided for in article 94 of Law no. 5/2004 of 10 February, and provision conditions of all publicly available services, thereby allowing consumers to assess available alternatives, in particular by means of interactive guides;

A report on the costs of the universal service, pursuant to article 98 of Law no. 5/2004, of 10 February;

The results of the net cost calculation and of the audit carried out on the terms of article 96 of Law no. 5/2004, of 10 February;

Arbitration and mediation mechanisms, pursuant to paragraph 1 of article 107 of Law no. 5/2004, of 10 February.

And pursuant to article 55 of the Statutes of ANACOM, approved by Decree-Law no. 309/2001 of 7 December, this authority is bound to make available an Internet website comprising all relevant data concerning the activity thereof, as well as issued regulations, determinations and general orders.

Therefore, and without prejudice to other forms of publication ANACOM deems appropriate regarding the nature of the matter, it is hereby made public that the information mentioned in paragraph 1 of article 120 of Law no. 5/2004, of 10 February are made available and updated at the website  www.anacom.pt

9 March 2004. - The President of the Board of Directors, Álvaro Dâmaso.