Law no. 31/96, of 14 of August

Assembleia da República (Assembly of the Republic)


Television and Radio in the Autonomous Regions

The Assembly of the Republic enacts, under the terms of articles 164, para d), and 169, no. 3 of the Constitution, upon hearing the governing bodies of the Autonomous Regions of the Azores and Madeira, under the terms of article 231, no. 2, of the Constitution, the following:

Article 1
Public service in the Autonomous Regions

1 - The public radio and television service enshrined in the Constitution covers access by the Autonomous Regions to the broadcasters entrusted with rendering such a service.

2 - It is incumbent upon the concessionaire of the public television service, in addition to the terms of Act nº 58/90 of September 7th and Act nº 21/92 of August 14th:

a) To maintain two channels for regional coverage, encompassing the Autonomous Regions of the Azores and Madeira, respectively;
b) To ensure that one of the channels of general coverage be broadcast to the Autonomous Regions of the Azores and Madeira.

3 - The Government and the concessionaire of the public television service shall, within 60 days from the coming into force of this law, adapt the respective concessionary agreement in order to bring it in line with the terms set out in the previous number.

Article 2
Access by the Autonomous Regions to the radio and television broadcasters

1 - The State shall also contribute to the creation of conditions necessary for the Autonomous Regions to obtain access to the television and radio broadcasters of a general scope, within the framework of the legislation designed to guarantee the appropriate accesses.

2 - The legislation provided for in the previous number shall determine:

a) The telecommunications rates to be applied to the broadcasters, bearing in mind, especially, the technical means, the investments and the operating expenses in broadcasting the signal under conditions specific to the Autonomous Regions;

b) The compensations to be granted to the telecommunications company which provides the medium for the television and radio broadcasting of signals.

Article 3
Coming into force

This law becomes effective as of the 1997 accounting year, without prejudice to its coming into force under the general terms.

Approved on July 4th, 1996.

The Speaker of the Assembly of the Republic, António de Almeida Santos.

Enacted on July 25th, 1996.

Let it be published.

The President of the Republic. JORGE SAMPAIO.

Countersigned on August 1st, 1996. The Prime Minister, António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres.