Resolution of the Council of Ministers no. 22/2002, of 31 of January

Presidência do Conselho de Ministros (Council of Ministers' Presidency)

Resolution of the Council of Ministers

Internet plays, in our times, a major role as a means of access to information and transmission of knowledge, evidenced by an ever-growing number of users and the constant increase of sites and information available in them.

The State cannot ignore this situation. It is important, naturally, to make available on the Internet the information it produces or which it may hold, as well as to increase contact with citizens by electronic means. It is an effort which has been made and should continue.

The creation by the State of its own Internet sites, where information of public interest is divulged, is essential. It is, however, necessary to ensure that this information reaches as many of its potential users as possible. It is not sufficient therefore, to place the information on the Internet. It is equally or even more important to ensure that this information reaches its users and that they have an effective access to it.

It is important, therefore, to give publicity to State information and the referencing of the sites on Internet it may own in other sites, whether their contents are specialized or whether of general nature so that the public, target of the information intended to be divulged may be effectively reached. This way a contribution is made at the same time to dynamically activate the publicity market in the Internet, the objective assumed by the Government in the plan of action, approved by the Resolution of the Council of Ministers nº110/2000 of 22 August.


Under the terms of article 199 of the Constitution, paragraph g), the Council of Ministers hereby resolves:

1- The public services and bodies incorporated in the direct and indirect administration of the State shall, whenever appropriate, promote the referencing of the Internet sites they operate.

2- The referencing mentioned in the preceding paragraph has the purpose of disclosing Internet sites and creating sensitivity to its contents, and should particularly, be made in the Internet sites operated by third parties.

3- The above mentioned services and bodies shall further ensure that all advertisements disclosed through the media are published or referred to in Internet sites operated by third parties.

4- These sites may present either general or specialized matter, and shall be chosen according to the purpose for which the disclosure is intended, bearing in mind the quality and the profile of their users.

The Presidency of the Council of Ministers, 10 January 2002. - The Prime Minister, António Manuel de Oliveira Guterres.