Assessment of the ''Telefone PT Hello'' offer of PT Comunicações

ANACOM has approved, by determination of 21 October 2009, a decision on the ''Telefone PT Hello'' offer of PT Comunicações (PTC).

According to this decision, the company is bound to put an end to the situations of non-compliance found by reformulating the conditions of this offer in order to comply with the principles of cost orientation of prices and offer replicability (non-discrimination obligation). Under the same decision, the operator has also been ordered to publish, in particular on its website, in a clearly visible and easily accessible form, and in a size and using a layout that makes it easy to find, information on the service to be contracted and the prices and conditions of the offer, as required by the determination of ANACOM of 21 April 2006, adopting the decision on the public disclosure of the conditions of supply and use of electronic communications services. PTC is also bound to ensure that all lines which have the "Telefone PT Hello" active are in conformance with the conditions of the reformulated offers.