Portuguese participation in the ITU Youth Forum - 2009

The Youth Forum, organised as part of ITU Telecom World 2009, which is taking place in Geneva, Switzerland from 5 to 9 October 2009, will see participation of two Portuguese students, Filipa Henriques and Rui Trindade, from Instituto Superior Técnico.

In total, 283 students will take part in the event, coming from 148 of the ITU’s 191 Member Countries. The students will have the opportunity to find out about the latest news on new technologies and innovative services, policy and regulation, and see how connections between schools drive connections between communities. During their stay in Geneva, the students will also have the chance to interact with representatives of the information and communication sector, as well as figures from government, industry executives and leaders of technology companies.

In the process of selecting the students, which took place at the beginning of the year, various national higher education establishments were contacted by ANACOM about putting forward candidates. The selection of the candidates was undertaken by the ITU, based, among other things, on how they responded to the question: ''What is the biggest problem in your community and how would you use information communication technologies to solve it?''

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