Approval of auction regulation for allocation of BWA frequencies

By determination of 14 October 2009, ANACOM approved the auction regulation for the allocation of rights of use for frequencies for broadband wireless access (BWA).

Approval was given also to the consultation report to which this instrument was submitted, in the scope of the regulatory consultation procedure and general consultation procedure, decided by determination of 20 May 2009, having been received comments from the following entities: Apritel, AR Telecom, Grupo Portugal Telecom (on behalf of Portugal Telecom, SGPS, PT Comunicações, PT Prime and TMN), Onitelecom, Sonaecom, Vodafone Portugal, Wimax Forum and ZON TV Cabo.

This Regulation will be published in Series II of the Official Gazette, according to the regulatory procedure defined in ANACOM’s Statutes.

A “Guide on auction procedures” was also approved in this scope, aiming to clarify, by means of several examples, some issues and procedures adopted in the Regulation, namely those which concern the “Second Price Rule” and the method to determine the winning bidders.

ANACOM decided to hold on 10 November, by 10 a.m., at SANA Malhoa Hotel, in Lisbon, a public briefing session to present the auction model to be implemented and tools required for the conduct of the auction, as well as to clarify any questions raised by entities directly or indirectly concerned by the auction. To better prepare this session, enquiries had been submitted to this Authority until 30 October, to the address

Lastly, it was decided to extend, until 31 December 2009, technical trials in bands at stake, which shall be conditioned as from the moment rights of use are allocated to auction winners.

Note: The Portuguese version of the auction regulation for allocation of BWA frequencies prevails over the English version.


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