EU Council of Ministers approve reform of the ''telecoms package''

The Council of Ministers of the European Union gave approval, on 20 November 2009, to the reform package of the European regulatory framework for telecommunications (''telecoms package''), a proposal for which was initially presented by the European Commission (EC) in 2007.

This decision of the Council results from the consensus achieved on 5 November at a meeting with the European Parliament, which will vote in plenary session in a third reading tomorrow (24 November) on the formal approval of the “telecoms package”.  The respective set of legislative reforms will enter into force with their publication in the Official Journal of the European Union, expected to be in December 2009.

According to the EC, the next steps in this process will be to set up the European Body of Telecoms Regulators (BEREC), planned for Spring 2010, and the transposition of the telecoms reform package into national legislation in the 27 EU Member States by June 2011.

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