European Parliament approves ''telecom package''

The European Parliament has today, 24 November 2009, adopted the reform of European telecommunications legislation proposed by the Commission in November 2007, with the goal of strengthening the rights of electronic communications users and driving competition in the sector. The new rules have to be transposed into national law by mid-2011, and in addition to strengthening the rights of consumers, it provides for guaranteed access to electronic communications services, including the Internet, personal data protection, encouraging competition and more modern management of the radio spectrum.

The new legislation applicable to the electronic communications sector was passed by the European Parliament with a majority of 510 votes, with 40 votes against and 24 abstentions.

The package, consisting of two directives and one regulation, is due to be signed on 25 November by the presidents of the European Parliament and the Council, entering into force upon its publication in the Official Journal of the European Union, scheduled for December 18, 2009. Member States will then have a period of 18 months to carry out its transposition into their national legislation.

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