Fixed termination costing model - consultation deadline extended ANACOM approves extension of the public consultation deadline until 05.09.2014.
27.08.2014 | 16:30

ANACOM Conference 2014: Consolidation in the telecommunications business - trends and new challenges Take part in the seventh ANACOM Conference, being held on 22 September 2014, on 'Consolidation in the telecommunications business - trends and new challenges'.
04.08.2014 | 17:40

Portuguese Committee of URSI: call for papers and prizes - entries close 12.10.2014 Responses to the call for papers, and entries to the ANACOM - URSI Portugal Prize and the Best Student Paper Award close on 12.10.2014.
24.07.2014 | 13:20

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News and updates

International Activity - updated information Updated information on the latest meetings that ANACOM has attended in CEPT, NATO, ITU, EU and Regulatel.
28.08.2014 | 10:30

Information to be sent to ANACOM by providers of the terrestrial mobile service ANACOM approves a draft decision regarding information on coverage, quality of service and site sharing policy.
27.08.2014 | 16:50

Penetration rate of main telephone accesses reaches record level ANACOM publishes statistics from 2nd quarter 2014 on the fixed telephone service in Portugal.
27.08.2014 | 16:40

Markets 1 and 2 - final decision ANACOM approves final decisions on markets 1 and 2 by determination of 14.08.2014.
25.08.2014 | 16:55

Multi-annual Activities Plan 2015-2017 - consultation report ANACOM approves report on the public consultation on the strategic guidelines for the Multi-annual Activities Plan 2015-2017.
25.08.2014 | 16:40

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Suggestion: Spectru

  • Designation of 'unlimited offers'
  • Markets 1 and 2 - European Commission notification
  • Service offerings and postal network density - consultation
  • DTT coverage obligations - consultation
  • Market 3 and fixed termination costing model - consultation

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Penetration rate of main telephone accesses reaches record level
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Consultation on the wholesale market of call termination on the public telephone network at a fixed location - comments until 26.08.2014 - and and the fixed termination costing model - comments until 05.09.2014 (extension)

Consultation on quality of service parameters and performance targets for the universal postal service - comments until 05.09.2014

Consultation on criteria for the formulation of universal postal service pricing - comments until 05.09.2014

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Tenders for the selection of provider(s) of universal service of electronic communications

World Radiocommunication Conference 2015 (WRC-15), Geneva, 2-27.11.2015

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